Space Spark Creative

Our Story

Spark Space Creative is a design studio committed to being positive change-makers. We partner with nonprofit organizations to build their brands, tell their stories, and showcase their impact and importance. Before launching Spark Space, I worked as a designer in a business-to-business marketing firm, then as an Art Director in the corporate world before landing at a nonprofit where I led the design department. I fell in love with the team and their energy. They poured their heart into fulfilling the organization’s powerful mission. And they never stopped.

Eight years later, when Spark Space began, I chose to work exclusively with nonprofits. We see the world in the same way. We connect.

Over time, we’ve moved into the education sector. Now we understand the needs of a birth-3 initiative or how to encourage students to fill out their FAFSA. We know what kinds of jobs are in demand and how to support your students, families, or faculty, from Preschool through Higher Ed.

We understand how tirelessly you work and how much you must accomplish. We see you, nonprofits. We get what you do! And we’d love to help you achieve your goals.

Our Team

Errin Siske

Caleb Orecchio

Graphic Designer,
Comic Strip Snob

Melissa Neiderhiser Web Design Wizard

James Williamson

Senior Graphic Designer, Typography Enthusiast, Vintage Toy Aficionado

Cassie Sprinkle
Maestro of People & Processes

Jasmine Milum
Queen of Social Media

Sophia Williamson
Project Manager