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Preschool Promise – Power Panda evolution


Create a mascot/character that will be present on much of the Preschool Promise branding and merchandising.



To start, we met with several Preschool Promise staff members to draw out their vision as a company for the character that would represent their brand going forward. As a group we came up with several possible character options varying from animals, robots and even pockets. [photo] The superhero Panda was a clear winner and now it was our task to create a cute, iconic and energetic character that preschoolers could relate to and find entertaining. [photo] After lots of revisions and group meetings, Power Panda was born.

The challenge after his completion was to find ways to creatively incorporate Power Panda into all materials  – in particular, materials aimed at children. He has appeared in marketing collateral, standees, coloring books, activity cards, zoom backgrounds, postcards, hats, t-shirts and now he is a proper mascot!


Preschool Promise is dedicated to high-quality learning and they allowed us the time & space to make a high-quality character that is iconic and has seemed to take on a life of his own.