Space Spark Creative


Consistency is key because your brand is your most important asset. We see the big picture and stay on top of the details that make your organization so unique and valuable to the community you serve.

Every organization has a secret sauce — your own magic potion, if you will. We can shine it up and put the spark back in your marketing. (See what we did there?)

Project management

Where the left side of our brains come out to play. From the first “Hey, could we…” email to the final touch letting you know your materials are out for delivery, we take care of Every. Little. Thing.

Social media

You might not know how to do it, but you know it’s critical. Our social media expert loves analytics, research and strategy. Before you can say “Do I swipe left or right,” your engagement will speak for itself.

Website Development

“Mind-reading” is an official Spark Space superpower. We love to research and learn about your agency at a deep level, and that lets us connect the dots (seemingly) effortlessly.

We work  play hard to surprise and delight our clients, no matter how small the project. When “Choose JOY” is a company value, you know we’re bringing our best selves to the table each day.